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Annette Brinkman
Annette Brinkman, Utah's first Early Childhood Specialist, began her career in the classroom and then in school administration as elementary principal in the Alpine School District before serving in site-based staff development positions in a variety of school districts. As a staff developer, consultant, and facilitator, Annette concentrates on training administrators to assist new and struggling teachers and trains coaches and mentors. She is a principal in the consulting firm Brinkman—Forlini—Williams and co-author of Class Acts: Every Teacher's Guide To Activate Learning and Help Teachers Engage Students.

Ellen Williams
Ellen Williams, university professor and co-director of BYU's Leadership Preparation Program and Principals Academy, began as a classroom teacher (20 years) and then served as elementary principal (7 years) and district administrator (5 years) before moving on to university work and consulting. Ellen focuses her work on assessing the culture of professional learning communities (PLCs) and instructional leadership. She has published in scholarly journals such as Mentoring and Tutoring, UCEA Journal of Case Studies, The Researcher, and the International Journal of Leadership in Education.

Gary Forlini Gary Forlini, education researcher and author, also began his career in the secondary classroom and then college before establishing Publisher's Research, Inc. to help private sector companies test and develop educational works for children and adults. In 1992, Gary established Research in Media to help non-profit and for-profit organizations analyze learning dynamics and best-practices in instruction. Along the way, Gary has written countless analytics and white papers relating to education in nearly every content area from pre-K to post-secondary. His educational publications include Class Acts: Every Teacher's Guide To Activate Learning, Help Teachers Engage Students, Communication in Action, Prentice-Hall Grammar and Composition, and SAT Home Study.

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