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Education: Books from the Press offer deliberate techniques for teachers and administrators.

Grand Designs: A Teacher's Guide To Engineer Learning

In dramatic style, this book takes you into the working lives of a group of teachers honing their planning skills, such as how to …

  • construct learning around curriculum requirements,
  • draw up assessment protocols,
  • facilitate feedback that ensures growth,
  • know your constituencies,
  • design responses to individual student needs,
  • treat content areas expansively, and
  • use tools that engage learners.

Methodically researched, Grand Designs provides the reader not only with the sources of its “grand designs” and techniques, but also shares a “Consult Experts” section following each chapter to guide readers toward even deeper applications.

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Ellen Williams | Annette Brinkman | Gary Forlini
2018 Lavender Hill Press

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Class Acts: Every Teacher's Guide To Activate Learning

Our book for teachers (and everyone with a stake in student engagement) is a fun read because it tells about real people—real teachers in real situations. But it has a purpose, a very important purpose: This guide introduces and explores principles of classroom management that directly impact student performance—not in textbook terms, but in practice. "This book reads like a novel!" say many. A reader of Class Acts watches how other teachers have done it, a reader examines tactics and strategies others have used, and a reader explores the nuts and bolts of putting him- or herself into similar situations.
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"A virtual superstar among books
that help teachers!"
Kenneth Hopkins
2009 Huntsman Award: Teacher of the Year
Professional Learning Specialist
Salt Lake City, Utah

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Help Teachers Engage Students

Our book for principals, instructional leaders, and other administrators offers numerous guidelines for effective student engagement.

The reproducible action tools included will enable them to:
  • Identify and share The Big Eight student engagement strategies with their teachers
  • Promote teacher growth and provide support for new and/or struggling teachers
  • Collect meaningful data to aid them during teacher-coaching sessions and consultations
  • Provide teachers with direct assistance in sharpening their student-engagement skills
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"I love the tools. This book is an excellent resource for principals to provide more helpful feedback to teachers."
Karen Hickman
Executive Director of Academic Assessment
Pasadena Independent School District, Texas

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