Lavender Hill Press

Mission: To advocate for burgeoning talent in education and publishing . . . travel, too.

Think of Lavender Hill as a welcoming place, warm, intriguing, and never boring. Think of it as a path toward person and professional growth, sometimes a leisurely saunter while at other times a climb. See Lavender Hill in these terms to sense the spirit of this publisher’s authors and to understand the purpose of this new Press.

As a young publishing house, Lavender Hill Press is on a mission to share learning. To foster growth. To enable talent. It has begun with education by publishing the works of experienced, recognized educators who already are bringing growth and changed – real, positive changes – to their communities. The Press shares their works while sharing the ultimate goal of its authors: To empower readers to return the favor by encouraging their friends, colleagues, students, and acquaintances to learn and to grown and to climb their own Lavender Hill.

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